Introducing PRO Logistics...

Who We Are:

Based out of Jacksonville, Florida, PRO Logistics is a company built around the foundation of premium customer service. Our primary focus is to deliver integrated logistics solutions for a variety of supply chain challenges. We specialize in nationwide transport, as well as international shipping. Our team of experts, state of the art technology, and network of affiliates makes it easy for our customers to trust and rely on PRO Logistics for ALL of their transportation and logistics needs.


What We Do:

Shipping your products across the nation or world has never been easier. We offer a seamless and hassle-free approach to get the things you need to the places you need them. Although we pride ourselves with providing an outstanding customer experience, we are also committed to giving you the best rates for your domestic or international logistic needs. No matter what items you need to send or receive, you can rely on PRO Logistics to get the job done.


Why You Should Choose PRO Logistics:

With a relentless focus on meeting our customers’ needs and unique access to guaranteed transportation capacity, we create solutions to even the most complex  supply chain challenges. We are focused on providing the best customer experience possible with stress-free and complete access to a broad suite of logistics capabilities. Our knowledgable team delivers proficiency, expertise and a can-do attitude with every shipment and supply chain solution. With those qualities at your disposal, why would you settle for anything less? 

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