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Welcome to the Pro-Logistics website.

Founded in 1996 Pro Logistics, LLC has evolved to provide a broad spectrum of parts, repair and logistics services to major equipment service providers, small and medium businesses and Fortune 500 corporations. Pro Logistics expertise in managing forward and reverse logistics, depot repair, manufacturing, reverse engineering, part sales and procurement delivers an integrated, multi-vendor service solution to streamline touch points and increase operational efficiencies. Leveraging our expertise in parts procurement and repair and logistics services gives clients the ability to successfully service their customers and improve overall service level performance.

Pro Logistics centralized headquarters in Oklahoma City houses its distribution center and component-level depot repair facility, as well as sales, administration and technical staff. Pro Logistics also holds mission-critical inventory inside a network of forward stocking locations throughout North America and Canada.

Mission Statement
We are a results-oriented logistics company that builds value for its customers through its employees, associates and suppliers. We continue to strive to create an atmosphere of optimism, teamwork, creativity and resourcefulness by dealing with everyone in an open and ethical manner in this rapidly changing marketplace.